BLOSSOM CONSULTING was originally founded, in France in 2001,with the firm intention to differ from the currents of conception and practice which were prevalent at the time.

The Founders, who were all previously Directors of Human Resources, and mostly schooled in the methods of Anglo-Saxon Consultancy firms, wished to create a new Pole of Excellence, the type of which they would have liked to have alongside them when they were in their clients position.

“What would the partner and consultant of our dreams have been like?” was the question which served as a guideline throughout the constitution of BLOSSOM CONSULTING and which we maintain, it continues to serve as a compass and a reference point towards which our Associates and Directors guide and direct the work of their teams on a daily basis.

The Professional Ethics of BLOSSOM CONSULTING are based on three principal values:


Each client is different. Each mission is different. Each person that we council has different expectations, projects, problems and dreams. Whatever the quality or the sophistication of our methods or our tools, whatever the level of expertise of our Consultants, they will never justify a standardized treatment of our missions, nor the recommendation of set solutions. On the contrary, by constantly striving for further and greater excellence we are forced to be creative and inventive.


“NO solution to ANY problem is written in our books. The RIGHT solutions need to be found in the reality of each mission” is a leitmotif which our Associates repeat regularly to their teams. Expertise and experience are indispensable in our line of work, but they alone will not suffice to fulfill our missions to the high standard which we must guarantee. These will require practical, concrete solutions which can easily be put into application whilst respecting budget limits and remaining within the mission calendar.  

Each client company must feel that we are constantly attentive to its  needs and that we are invested in its mission, making all efforts and using all the resources necessary to its  conclusion.

Each person being coached must feel that his/her Coach or Consultant is available by their side each time they need advice, support or listening.

In order to achieve this, our first task is to be available on demand, furthermore, to take the initiative and make ourselves known and present to all concerned.

The great difficulty and the originality of BLOSSOM CONSULTING’s Code of Ethics, which  is also what makes our daily professional challenge exciting, consists in respecting these values and making them apparent:

  • through the excellence of the services we provide for our client companies,
  • through the quality of support that we provide for each and every person coached by us, and whom we thank each day for their confidence in our expertise.