Collective Support and Back-up Programs  are ,for BLOSSOM CONSULTING, the most important activity of the group, from a financial viewpoint, but also by the sheer mass and variety of mobilized talents, they have become the principal axis of our methodological, sectorial and geographic development projects.

BLOSSOM CONSULTING offers a full selection of services which are necessary to large groups and SME’s both prior to and following reorganizations or restructuring;

  • PRIOR to process; rescaling, budget planning, strategic planning, drafting and formalization of legal documents, counseling and support, internal and external communications.
  • FOLLOWING the process: Collective Outplacement, Management of Employment Outposts/ Employment & Mobility branch, Follow-up Commissions.

The methods used by BLOSSOM CONSULTING for Collective Support and Back-up Programs are entirely based on a desire to offer the concerned Employees the best possible support to allow them to handle this transition period in the best possible conditions.

Based on consolation, a sympathetic ear and re-motivation, imagined and piloted by our unit of industrial psychologists, the counseling offered by our Consultants has proved to be, for the Employees involved, an indispensable platform for recharging the dynamics of their talents and energies.

This counseling allows each Employee, in an appropriate background, to plan and re-build their future career and personal projects, which may take the form of a new position, a company start-up, professional re-training, associative or charitable voluntary work, a new life project...

As with all activity of BLOSSOM CONSULTING, the CSBP is based on the fundamental notion of personalized service, following the needs and objectives of each and every person counseled. In the case of the CSBP personalized service is guaranteed by:

  • The choice and confirmation of the Consultant by the concerned Employee and the possibility to change their Consultant if necessary,
  • The elaboration of a personalized program for each concerned Employee,
  • The possibility of choosing to benefit from exclusive one to one coaching/counseling if the Employee so wishes.

From a purely logistical point of view, BLOSSOM CONSULTING has the capacity to constitute, to implement to animate and manage any type of structure which might be necessary to supporting and counselling ( Counseling Information Point, Information & Orientation centers, Orientation &Mobility Centers...)whether within the companies premises, within a dedicated structure or, in some cases, on our own premises.