The original career of BLOSSOM CONSULTING, the true DNA of the group, Personalized Career Transition Support (PCTS) constitutes the methodological backbone and the highest scale of technical performance of our activity.

Conducted by our most experienced Associates and Senior Consultants, the PCTS allows Managers and Directors to benefit from a privileged transition period towards their personal and professional future projects, they also benefit from an in-depth project analysis and personalized coaching from the initial project period until realization of their project.

An indispensable period of reflexion and career building, a time for revitalizing personal potential, the PCTS allows us, in creating a real operational duo between the Beneficiary and his/her Coach, to attain an optimum level of counseling towards a new career start, leading towards a new managerial position, the creation of a new company or ... the (benevolent) Direction of one of the biggest charitable structures in the World!

Based on the principal of an entirely personalized program in function of the needs and goals of each Beneficiary, BLOSSOM CONSULTING builds each PCTS differently and individually in their order or rhythm, the tools or methods used.

Each PCTS is articulated around a triple theme;

1. Definition, analysis and validation of the project 
2. Planning & setting up 
3. Achieving & launching

The PCTS Coaches’ very high level of qualification at BLOSSOM CONSULTING allows for this differentiation for the best interests of the Beneficiaries, whom are coached and accompanied, without limit in time until the achievement of their goals.

The PCTS also includes the use of a high level professional work space (office, computer access, documentation, social interaction) provided in the BLOSSOM CONSULTING workspace during the entire support period.