In order to maintain the excellent quality of their personnel’s potential, to offer perspectives and to clarify personal projects, Modern Companies are aware that they must propose and promote amongst their personnel the analyses and questions which will enable them to make regular checkpoints in their career progression.

In this domain, BLOSSOM CONSULTING has developed a great number of innovatory solutions which respond to both the goals of Companies and the expectations of the Personnel, these range from the simple Skills Assessment (see “Assess your Skills”) to the founding of “Future Orientation Centers”.

These Centers open to all Personnel within the walls of the Company, if the Company so wishes, and on a voluntary basis, allow tens or even hundreds of Personnel members to access in all confidence and confidentiality the Consultant experts in order to explore, test and validate their personal and professional projects.

Between these two programs, BLOSSOM CONSULTING also propose a wide range of services for “Career Counseling” geared towards specific categories of Personnel (Seniors, High Potentials etc) or “Information and Orientation Centers” in anticipation of a re-structuring process..

 Assess your Skills