Blossom consulting in collaboration with its team of certified Coaches has developed a working practice, based on specific and rigorous methods which is designed to allow professionals to:

  • Stimulate or boost their success rate in their work environment
  • Redefine, reactivate and develop their talents and potentials
  • Restore their behavioral and managerial qualities, optimize their personal and collective communication  and their inter-personal skills. 
  • Increase their resistance to pressure, improve their adaptation to change and restore their personal equilibrium
  • Rediscover and reinforce their motivations
  • Increase their results and their success both on a personal and professional level
  • Develop their self-esteem

These coaching sessions, were conceived in cycles of 8 to 14 sessions on a one to one basis with precise goals, predefined by the Beneficiary and the Coach during a preliminary meeting which centers on the precise needs and aims of the Beneficiary.

As a fundamental vector of Managerial Optimization, Individual Coaching is an excellent breathing-space tool which allows the professional to recharge his/her batteries and therefore can, in a relatively short space of time, give the necessary impulse to a new bound of professional life within the Company, or cast objective new light on a career key point.

Examples of Individual Coaching run by BLOSSOM CONSULTING in the last few years:

  • Support in a new professional post
  • Relationship Skills Development
  • Assertion Development
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Inter-Personnel Conflict Management
  • Optimization of Public Speaking
  • Support and Aide in defining and realigning personal and professional projects


BLOSSOM CONSULTING also assists the development of Companies through Team Coaching Programs, which allow groups to benefit from an expert exterior intervention for example in order to:

  • Prepare a group project, an important future site project, by creating and developing group cohesion towards a Company Goal.
  • Manage a departure or an arrival in the team
  • Enhance the faculty of adaptation to change of the team
  • Anticipate and Minimize functional difficulties in the group
  • Identify and Develop Team Complementarity, Optimize Team Communication
  • Conflict Resolution or Inter-Personnel Communication Issues

The group may be either a permanent Team (service, department) or a group collected for a limited time period (Project Team).

Team Coaching is articulated around preliminary group briefing meetings, group work sessions, individual interviews with group members and periodical checkpoint meetings with either the Direction or Human Resources (person delegated responsible for the Coaching)

Examples of Team Coaching run by BLOSSOM CONSULTING in the last few years:

  • Consolidation of Team Cohesion
  • Management of Team Mergers
  • Crisis management due to an external factor (death of a Team member, loss of an important budget...)
  • Optimization of the Directive Committee
  • Integration of a new Team Manager


All of our Coaches are qualified (University Masters Degree) or certified. They are all regularly supervised in the exercise of their professional practice. They are also certified to use Coaching Tools such as Golden, Sosie, PerformanSe...